Using the Check Printing Page

Last Updated: Dec 09, 2015 05:40PM PST

Learn how to use the check printing page in Kashoo and all the things you can do with it.

You are able to:

  • Print checks in bulk
  • Fully pay, or partially pay an expense
  • Pay multiple expenses for the same Vendor/Currency with a single check
  • Ability to preview, and print checks again, as well a print a non-negotiable copy
  • Ability to mark checks as void
  • Ability to export your checks

Once you’ve ordered checks from your bank or other check provider, this feature will allow you to print multiple checks straight from your printer.

Checks may be bought from your Financial Institution or other check printing provider in multiple formats. Currently, our check printing feature accepts this format: 3 fold, check on top with 2 stubs below. They must be 8.5 x 11 in size and CPA-compliant as well.

There are two different template styles to choose from:

Sample Cedar Check template

Sample Elm Check template

Note: You’ll want to be sure that the check stock that you purchase includes the dollar sign in the Amount in Figures area in order to keep with CPA compliance.

All previews are marked Draft. Reprints of checks are marked Non-Negotiable. Removed checks are marked Void. All reprints are intended to be printed out on regular paper.

Here are a couple links to check printing providers:

Steps to Create a Check

  1. Go to the Expenses page and create an unpaid expense by selecting an Unpaid Accounts Payable option for the Terms or Payment Account. The terms don't matter. Due on Receipt, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days all work (what you want to make sure is that the expense remains unpaid).

  2. Go to the Check Printing page.

  3. Select your Date, Currency, Template, and From Account.

  4. Tick off the boxes for each of the corresponding expenses for which you wish to create checks. By ticking off the left most box, you are selecting all expenses under that Vendor. By ticking off an individual box to its right, you are selecting individual expenses under that Vendor.

  5. You may reduce the amount to be paid off with this check, should it be different than the one stated.

  6. You may also change the Pay To, and Memo fields if you wish. Ticking off the Bill Number(s) box, will input the bill number in the memo field and ticking off the Bill Memo(s) box, will input the memo from the bill(s) into the check memo field.

  7. The last step would be to preview your check to ensure it appears how you wish for it to print. This can be done by pressing the Preview button.

  8. When you are ready to print off your check, simply click the Print Check(s) button which will create a PDF of the check in a new tab of your browser. To print you would then press the printer icon in the PDF tab.

    Note: When printing your page, make sure it is printing at 100% (i.e. don’t scale the print). Doing so will ensure that checks get printed correctly and align with the check paper stock.

  9. Alternatively, if you would like to reset all you have done, you can simply click the Reset button which will clear all that you have input.

  10. Once you have begun to print off your checks, they will appear at the bottom of the page. For an advanced view, without clicking on the actual check, simply right click over a line to see which bills were paid with that check.

Export Options

Similar to exporting other reports, you can export your list of printed checks as an Excel or CSV file.

To do so, simply click on one of the two formats found at the bottom of the Check Printing page.

Reprint or Viewing

To view checks that you have printed in the past, simply click on that item from the list, and the payment details will appear.

All of the check information will be displayed to you in the Check Detail section. Here is where you are also able to reprint a non-negotiable copy, or download a printable copy for yourself.

Mark A Check As Void

To void a check, you will first need to click on the line item from your list of checks. You will be presented with the payment details. To void the check, simply remove the payment. Your check will then be marked as Void.


Only those who have Admin or View & Edit Only access levels are able to print checks (to change access levels, please go to the article Adding Multiple Users to Your Business).

If you are having a difficult time previewing, printing, or downloading your check, check your browser pop-up blocker. It is likely the case, that it is on.

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